More Extras (群众演员) Wanted for Transformer 4

Real Style is looking for many extras to work on set to create a Hong Kong scene in Detroit. 
Several more older, more mature Asians, 65+ years of age and older are wanted. This is in addition to all people who already committed. 

Real Style is looking for aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, anyone who is Asian and 65+ old  who would like to be part of filming. The commitment would be 7 days.  (There has been a schedule change and they now need people to be available 7 days. SEE LIST BELOW)

Wed. July 31
Thurs. Aug. 1
Fri. Aug. 2
Sun. Aug. 4
Wed. Aug. 7
Thurs. Aug. 8 
Fri. Aug. 9

Please feel free to forward this onto friends and family.  

There are 2 ways to be considered. 
Anyone interested can send them an email with name, cell, photo, date of birth to OR you can register at no cost online on their website Look for talent sign up on the top of the home page. 

If you have a family member that you can bring, please let them know too. 


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